May 27 2010

Answer to Comment~Blog 13

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     I recently did a post on a really cool way on how to help the oil spill with hair mats. One of the comments I got, was to see if anything else soaked up oil. At first I wasn’t all that interested in it, but as I looked into it, it seemed very interesting. People are starting websites that are asking what they think we should do about the spill. People have been submitting ideas, and some are realistic, and other not so much. People think that putting a cork in the place where it is leaking may work, or even freezing the oil. They really think that oilsicles would be a great idea! They think that maybe they can make oilsicles to be picked up and sold. The government officials are getting flooded with ideas of ways to prevent the oil from reaching the beaches. It is a great way to see what local people who are being effected by the spill want do to stop it and help it.
    One of the better ideas that keeps coming up is using hay. Darryl Carpenter, thought of this whole thing. Darryl, vice president of a contracting company was sitting in his office when he thought of this plan. He and some coworkers tested this theory, and it turns out that it really works. So, hair isn’t the only thing that can suck up the oil. All we need is enough hay and hair to combine together and help the spill. Unfortunately, I don’t think that just hair mats and piles of hay is going to stop this spill. As of today, May 27th, the spill has been going on for 38 days. Everybody nationwide is in awe seeing how bad this spill is getting, and nobody knows how we will put an end to it. The day we do, everybody will be mesmerized. If anything ever happens like this again in the future we can learn from our mistakes.

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  1.   Mr. Wildeboeron 30 May 2010 at 12:24 pm

    “If anything ever happens like this again in the future we can learn from our mistakes.”

    I sure hope so, but I also saw this video recently comparing the methods used to stop this oil spill compared to the methods used to stop a similar oil spill 30ish years ago in the gulf (It’s a YouTube link).

    Sometimes it seems like we make the same mistakes over & over, doesn’t it?