Jun 02 2010

Polar Bears

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Due to global warming, the arctic will lose 2/3rds of the entire polar bear population over the next 50 years. Polar Bear’s deaths, due to global warming are increasing and becoming a serious concern. Studies show that polar bears may face a possible extinction if the number of deaths continue to increase. Polar bears are having a difficult time finding food. The food shortage will soon lead to food starvation which will be another issue that polar bears will have to face. If nothing is done to try and reverse the danger global warming, the polar bears will lose the arctic weather that they depend on and soon become extincted. Just think of this as if it were happening to humans: if we were all were poor and had no food or shelter. Don’t you think that we would die off too?     

One thing that we can do to stop the effect of global warming on polar bears is to cut back on the carbon dioxide use, because it will stop the terrible wastes and help save our planet. Climate change is not only effecting polar bears. It’s effecting all living organisms. But polar bears it’s effecting the most because of there cold icy habitat. Since these animals habitats are decreasing there are fewer shelters. Fewer shelters means that there is a decrease in cub survival. Polar bears were pretty much made for what they live in. They have two layers of fur that can keep them comfortable even at temperatures 50degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

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  1.   Laurenon 04 Jun 2010 at 8:47 am

    I thought that you gave some good information. However, there were some grammar errors and the reading was kind of choppy for me. You should re read your posts before you send them to the editor I also think that you should write a strong concluding paragraph for each of your posts. Otherwise good post